Why Us?

DanTek Web Design not only promises the world; we deliver. With a multitude of design and hosting firms to choose from, we believe that we’re the best choice among the many.

You can settle for cheap and that’s what you’ll get: cheap. You may have a nice looking site but without proper search engine optimization, marketing and a 99% uptime guarantee, your site will be virtually unknown online by first time potential customers. Let DanTek Web Design not only provide you with a visually appealing website… let us get your name out there! Click here for a full listing of features and functions.

Someone once said, “You get what you pay for”. How right they were! Countless entrepreneurs have been taken in by smooth talking snake oil salesmen who promised the world and yet when delivery time came… nothing of significant value materialized. Don’t be one of the many victims of promise makers who have no historical data to show that their claims are accurate. Instead, perform due diligence and ensure that what a designer promises is exactly what you’re getting.

Have you ever driven by a shady looking shop? Exactly. You drove past it. Why? Because it had what we like to call Rotten Apple Appeal; it wasn’t at all something you’d consider walking into in order to make a purchase. In the same way, your website needs to be visually appealing. Now think for a moment of a shop you were referred to by a friend or stumbled on accidentally. You asked the clerk how long they’d been at the location and you get a response of “years”. Yet, you only found them now. Why? Their location. In the same way, a website is no different than a brick-and-mortar physical store location. Just as a physical location needs proper marketing so potential buyers will know where to find you, so a website needs proper visual appeal and search engine optimization for top ranking in Google. DanTek Web Design not only provides you with a stunning website look with plenty of features and functions… we provide you with exceptional search engine optimization results that deliver!


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