Get On Google!

NOTE: Current clients with Moncton Web Design have Search Engine Optimization as part of their hosting package already

Having a professionally built website is the first step in breaking through into the online marketplace… getting potential customers to see your site is the second step, called search engine optimization. Search engine optimization – or SEO for short – is what a quality design & hosting firm will employ when building your website. Beware, however, as many firms base their search engine optimization on what are called keywords. Keywords are no longer indexed by Google; thus, any firm stating that they’ll “get you on first page” by means of keywords are firms which you want to avoid.

Moncton Web Design knows search engine optimization! Not only do we claim to know search engine optimization, we deliver on our claims! Search engine optimization is promised by many… but be sure to have them provide proof before jumping in. Even better, ask them – or us! – to Google search some of their clients – or our’s – to see where they rank on Google’s first page or not. Claims are one thing… delivery is quite another.

Search engine optimization can be complex, which, if not properly utilized, will result in … nothing. Moncton Web Design uses Results Driven SEO Methods when building a website for Google page ranking. The reason? When you’re successful online, we’re successful online; your website and it’s placement on the internet reflects on Moncton Web Design in a positive manner. Your ranking on Google also generates greater revenue for your business… and that can only be a good thing.

Non clients who already have a website and are looking solely for search engine optimization are charged a one time flat rate fee of $500.00 for permanent placement on Google.

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